The service of distilling is charched as follows:

1 litre of produced distillate costs 5.20 €; this price consists of:

a) excise duty (described in detail below)
b) serviceof distilling including 20% VAT
which is payable immediately upn withdrawal of the produced distillate.

Information on excise duty:
The customer is obliged to pay to the distillery for the production of fruit distillate the excise duty on alcohol beverage according to § 6 of the Act no. 530/2011 Coll. on excise duty on alcoholic beverages, in the amount of € 5.40 per 1 liter (liter of 100% alcohol at 20 °C) up to quantity of 43 la per customer and his or her household for one production period which is in accordance with § 3 of Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic no. 653/2002 Coll. from 1 July to 30 June of the following year.

Price list valid from 15.08.2017

JUDr. Pavel Lechman